Radioactive Waste Alcove Locations

Medical School Building: Basement (Freezer - for biological waste)*
  3.127*; 3.267
  4.127; 4.277*
  5.137; 5.277*
  6.127*; 6.277*
  7.127; 7.247
MSE R116
Dental Branch: 3.099*
Reuel A. Stallones Bldg.: 720W*
  W 26 EH&S Alcove*
Mental Sciences Institute: B.93*
SRB 319*;519
DAC C 928*
CYF CYF Radioactive Waste Processing Room*
Locations Not Listed: Call Hazardous Waste Line (713-500-5837)

The Environmental Protection Program maintains the Waste Alcoves. All supplies (bags, radioactive waste tags, and cable ties) are located in each waste alcove. Please contact Alan Lucas at 713-500-8100 if you encounter any problems, the containers are full, or supplies are needed.

Keys to the alcoves may be obtained by contacting Auxiliary Enterprises, Locksmith Services.

* denotes alcove with a Landauer Luxel environmental dosimeter