What's New

Revised Policies

HOOP 20, Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities:

A definition of "outside activities" was added to clarify the scope of the policy.

HOOP 26, Achievement Award Program:

Changes made to clarify responsible parties for achievement awards.

HOOP 30, Sick Leave:

Revisions made to comply with new state law allowing employees to use sick leave to attend educational activities of their children.   Also clarifies use of sick leave to care for child under employee’s legal guardianship and for adoption of a child. 

HOOP 44, Faculty Appointment and Non-Reappointment

Changes made to clarify processes and comply with Regents Rules.

HOOP 55, Student Immunizations and Health Records:

Revisions made to comply with new state law lowering the age requirement for the bacterial meningitis vaccine.  Changes also made to match current vaccination form used by the university.

HOOP 85, University Closure for Emergency, Disaster or Severe Weather:

Changes made to clarify procedures for official closure of the university.

HOOP 100, Worker’s Compensation Insurance:

Clarifies scope of the policy.  Time period for reporting an injury to the university has been shortened to 7 calendar days.  Clarifies that employees may be responsible for costs if health care provider is not part of UT System’s IMO Health Care Network.

HOOP 101, Disability Accommodation:

Revisions made to clarify process for applicants, students and employees to request reasonable accommodations.

HOOP 106, Family and Medical Leave:

Revisions made to comply with new regulations published by the Department of Labor in February 2013.

HOOP 112, Observing Religious Holy Days

Changes made to clarify process for requesting time off for religious holy days.

HOOP 125, Observers (now Visitors):

Changes made to shorten policy and link to more detailed procedures on Office of Academic and Research Affairs website.

HOOP 147, Handling Legal Processes:

Revisions made to clarify procedures for handling legal processes.

HOOP 185, Administrative Leave

Revisions made to clarify scope and incorporate new definition of disability adopted by the most recent Texas Legislature (House Bill 489).

Updated March 6, 2014