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as of October 8, 2013


Submission Deadline Funding Agency Description

NOI: 10/31/13

Pre-proposal: 10/31/13

Full proposal: 2/20/14


Norman Hackerman Advanced Research Program (NHARP)

• Maximum award is $100,000 for the two-year grant period
• Targeted research areas are basic research in:

1. Biomedicine

2. Energy and the Environment

• There are no limits on the number of pre-proposals that institutions may submit. If the statewide number of pre-proposals exceeds 150, then institutions will be asked to select a smaller number of pre-proposals submitted to go forward to review. The smaller number will be based on a proportional share of statewide pre-proposal submissions

• Only “Early Career Investigators” may submit a proposal

• Principal investigators are limited to one submission

• Notice of intent and pre-proposal are required for each proposal

• Budget cannot include faculty summer salaries

LOI: 12/2/13 The McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience

The 2014 McKnight Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Awards

These awards encourage and support scientists working on the development of novel and creative approaches to understanding brain function. The Endowment Fund is especially interested in how a new technology may be used or adapted to monitor, manipulate, analyze, or model brain function at any level, from the molecular to the entire organism. The program seeks to advance and enlarge the range of technologies available to the neurosciences, and research based primarily on existing techniques will not be considered.