Multidisciplinary Peer Review Processes in Nursing Homes: Acceptance and Concerns

Author: Kusal Mihindukulasuriya

Primary Advisor: Kim Dunn, MD, PhD

Committee Members: Hongbin Wang, PhD

Masters thesis, The University of Texas School of Health Information Sciences at Houston.

Multidisciplinary Peer Review (MPR) can be defined as the use of standards (good practice) by a professional's peers, as a method to judge performance. MPR integrates different points of view and highlights the weaknesses and provides a method to correct them. Standards and comparisons could help in the litigation crisis to establish acceptable methods of care delivery. A literature review and web based review was conducted. Personal interviews at the Gulf Health Care Center (GHCC) in Texas City, Texas served as the alpha site to provide insight into how the MPR methods will be viewed and the concerns of heath care providers. Current state of the art methods in Physicians Peer Review (PPR), Nursing Peer Review (NPR) and MPR are summarized. MPR as a solution to the litigation crisis was well received.