Integrated Health Information Systems: Who, What, Why, and How

Author: Williams Holtkamp, RNBC, BSN

Primary Advisor: Craig Johnson, PhD

Committee Members: Kathy A. Johnson, PhD; Jiajie Zhang, PhD

Masters thesis, The University of Texas School of Health Information Sciences at Houston.

The healthcare industry is under fire from many different directions, prices are skyrocketing, payers are cutting reimbursements, consumer groups are forming and demanding more rapid change, and governmental reform is hovering the background as well. To survive the healthcare industry must find a new better way to deliver services. One tool in the battle to cut costs, increase revenue, and raise quality and accessibility within the healthcare industry is the Integrated Health Information Management System (IHIMS). The IHIMS is able to provide information on all aspects of the organization from billing to patient care and beyond. However, this is a large undertaking for an organization and the risk of failure is high. With that in mind this paper will introduce what the integrated health information system is, why it is the path upon which to tread, who needs to be involved, and finally how a project like this gets done.