Automatic and User-Assisted Report generation in Healthcare

Author: Suany Ravindra, MBBS

Primary Advisor: James P. Turley, RN, PhD

Committee Members: Kathy A. Johnson-Throop, PhD

Masters thesis, The University of Texas School of Health Information Sciences at Houston.

This paper describes two methods of report generation, automatic and user-assisted, and discusses the routine application areas of each. Though both methods are extensively used in healthcare, certain situations and areas of application are more conducive for applying one method over the other. The automatic method is used in areas such as creating statistical reports, laboratory results, surveillance systems reports and generating natural language critiques and summaries. The user-assisted method gives flexibility and power to the user. It is used in generating relevant patient information by physicians and other health professionals, creating patient specific education materials, and creating tailored health behavior intervention programs. The paper also discusses the use of artificial intelligence techniques to improve the quality of reports. An intelligent system can compose a fluent, accurate, and interesting report and provides certain benefits over traditional report generating systems.