A Model of Clinical Decision Support Systems and Supporting Clinical Information System Objects

Author: Andy Nguyen

Primary Advisor: R. Matthew Sailors, PhD (co-author)

Committee Members:

Masters thesis, The University of Texas School of Health Information Sciences at Houston.

Objective: Following HL7 (Health Level Seven, Inc.)-based principles of componentization and messaging, we developed a model describing CDSS (clinical decision support system)-specific and broader CIS (clinical information system) components/functions/roles needed by a CDSS and the messages exchanged among these components. Design: This model identifies and characterizes the following components/functions/roles: event monitor, inference engine, knowledge base, notifier, user, recipient(s), and clinical data repository. In addition, the messages each component exchanges among other components are identified and described. Results and Conclusion: This model will serve as the foundation for future development of standardized components of a CDSS / CIS. The adoption of a model, such as this one, will allow smaller institutions to cooperate during the development/interfacing of individual components, thus easing the resource constraints on each of the partners. The development of the CDSS model is an on-going effort and will be further modified in the future.