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New members join UTHealth Development Board

Meredith Raine, 04/24/2014

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) introduced Dudley Oldham, Coert Voorhees and Marcie Zlotnik as the newest members to its Development Board at the spring meeting held at the Medical Center Marriott on April 1. 


Cinco Ranch 'kid at heart' wants to be a pediatrician

Ultimate Katy, 04/22/2014

The Houston Chronicle's Ultimate Katy section did a feature story about FT Omidele, who will be graduating next month from the UTHealth Medical School and will soon begin her pediatric residency.


Healthiest foods that support heart function

Fox 26 News, 04/21/2014

About 600,000 people die of heart disease every year in the U.S., while many more will suffer from, but survive, a painful heart attack. Fox 26 News spoke with UTHealth's Dr. John Higgins to find out about healthy foods that can strengthen your heart.


Diabetes in Rio Grande Valley is high, linked to depression, anxiety

McAllen Monitor, 04/21/2014

UTHealth Drs. Darla Kendzor, Joseph McCormick and Susan Fisher-Hoch co-authored a column about diabetes and depression in the Rio Grande Valley.


Hiring Red, White & You! places vets in medical field

Houston Chronicle, 04/18/2014

UTHealth is one of close to a dozen institutions in the Texas Medical Center that will be recruiting military veterans during a job fair on Thursday, April 24. The Houston Chronicle did a story about the hiring event and interviewed Andy Botello, a veteran who was hired by UTHealth during last year's job fair.


Preventing elder abuse in Houston

KUHF Houston Matters, 04/18/2014

In this segment, UTHealth's Dr. Jason Burnett discusses what elder abuse is, ways to spot it and efforts in Houston to prevent it.


What are the red flags for austim? What are resources available in Houston?

KUHF Houston Matters, 04/17/2014

In this segment, Dr. Cathy Guttentag of the Children's Learning Institute discussed autism signs, diagnosis and treatment.


Saving the best...for later

HealthLeader, 04/17/2014

In line with Team UTHealth's participation at the Houston March for Babies event on April 27, Drs. Sean Blackwell and Mary Austin discuss the dangers associated with premature births in this week's Health Leader.


Study: 1 in 20 Americans misdiagnosed

U.S. News & World Report, 04/16/2014

Millions of Americans are misdiagnosed by their doctors every year, potentially worsening their illnesses or injuries and posing “a substantial patient safety risk,” a new study finds. UTHealth's Dr. Eric Thomas is quoted in the article.


UTHealth discovers dangerous new superbug

Fox 26 News, 04/16/2014

At the UTHealth Medical School, Dr. Cesar Arias and his colleagues have discovered a new form of the super-bug "MRSA" - a strain of staph bacteria fully immune to the once powerful antibiotic Vancomycin. "All the antibiotics we used to treat this we can't do anymore," said Arias.


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