EVP Academic & Research Affairs

Research Conflict of Interest Forms

Disclosure Forms for Covered Individuals:

  • Research Conflict of Interest Certification Form
    Initial form submitted by all Covered Individuals: 1) with the OSP Review & Approval Form for new grant or contract applications; 2) with protocol submissions to CPHS, and in some cases with protocol submissions to AWC; 3) with gifts, startup funds, or other internal funds designated for a specific investigator's research (submitted to the department, School, or funding decision authority); or 4) when a new research-related significant financial interest has been acquired during the life of an award or project.

  • Annual form submitted by all Covered Individuals (usually during January-February-March of each year).  Must be on file at the time of a research application, grant/contract proposal, or protocol submission.

 For Researchers with Active Research Conflict of Interest Management Plans: