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Prior to your first hosted meeting, please submit an Interactive Video Service Request (48 hour notice required) for an initial account setup.

Once the requested account is set up in UTH Connect, you will be notified and will then be able to access the UTH Connect interface. This registration is required for initial setup only. Once set up in the UTH Connect system, you will access your UTH Connect account by using your UT Credentials.

Please note: In order to host an UTH Connect meeting, you must first be a registered user.


***UTH Connect meeting attendees do not need to submit a service request. Only a potential UTH Connect meeting host will need to complete this initial process. Meeting attendees, simply sign into the system as guests.  Meeting Hosts can assign guests temporary additional privileges within meetings as required.


It is highly recommended that users review the tutorials and learning resources below (from Adobe and community experts) to better understand a core overview of UTH Connect.

UTH Connect Meeting

Meeting basics

Create meetings

How To topics for Hosts and Presenters

How to topics for Participants


UTH Connect: Jumpstart for hosts

UTH Connect: Jumpstart for presenters

UTH Connect: Jumpstart for participants


Learn UTH Connect

Things to be aware of when using UTH Connect.

When using UTH Connect. It is important is to never use UTH Connect over a wireless connection. Wireless connections are rarely stable during UTH Connect sessions (over the current UT network). A physical network connection is recommended for use with all UTH Connect meetings.


Using VoIP Audio

If the integrated system audio settings (Program audio, PC / MAC system audio, external speakers) are configured correctly (on all computers used) things tend to work as they should.

At times, this is not the easiest task to accomplish do to the difference of equipment used, quality of equipment used, user knowledge of said equipment, wireless network usage by participants, and incorrect equipment/application audio configuration.

An alternate option would be setting up an Adobe Connect session (disabling/mute application audio) and then establish the meeting audio by way of telephone system. This alternate setup option usually eliminates the common audio issues that would potentially take away from a positive Adobe Connect experience. Interactive Video Services offers a “Multi-party teleconferencing” solution that can be used to accommodate this alternate audio option. 

Here is a link to the “Multi-party teleconferencing service request


Here is a video that better explains use of VoIP

VoIP Audio


Meeting Essentials (video tutorials)

Meeting roles and interface overview (video 05:50)

Attending a meeting (video 01:50)

Creating a meeting (video 03:47)

Sharing screens and applications (video 03:59)

Sharing PowerPoint Presentations (video 04:10)

Accessibility in Adobe Connect (video 03:11)