Office of Sponsored Projects

What Requires OSP Review

As outlined in HOOP 64, no sponsored project proposal, application, or agreement may be submitted by a University employee without OSP review and approval. Additionally, certain requests to an agency for prior approval require congruency and approval from OSP.

The list below details which departments are responsible for handling various types of transactions and agreements. For activities not listed here, please contact your OSP specialist for guidance.







Award acceptance/negotiation of award terms X
Carry-forward of unexpended balances X
Change in PI/Key personnel X
Change in scope of work X
Clinical trial/study agreements X
Confidential disclosure agreements (IN) X
Confidential disclosure agreements (OUT and MUTUAL) X
Consultant agreements (OUT) X
Contracts for sponsored research X
Cooperative agreements X
Copyright, license patent documents X
Early termination X
Faculty recruitment awards X
Final invention statements X
Financial reports X
Fellowships (institutional or individual if award to the University) X
Grant applications X
Guarantee requests (new & renewal) X
Guarantee requests (continuation) X
Just-in-time submissions X
Material transfer agreements (IN and OUT) X
No-cost extensions X
Professional service contracts (IN) X
Professional service contracts (OUT) X
Progress reports X
Requests to modify budget after the award X
Requests to modify budget prior to the award X
Subcontracts (IN and OUT) X
Supplemental material X
Transfer applications in (grants and contracts) X
Transfer applications out (grants and contracts) X X