Office of Sponsored Projects

Helpful Information

Under HOOP 64, Sponsored Projects Administration is responsible for the review, negotiation, and acceptance of grants and contracts for sponsored and other sponsored activities at UTHealth.

This internal review process is necessary to ensure that all sponsored project documentation concurs with the mission of the University and adheres to federal, state, and institutional policies and guidelines. The review process allows SPA to assure potential sponsors that time and cost commitments are appropriate and all compliance issues (e.g., human subjects, animal use, export controls, conflicts of interest) are adequately addressed.

For all sponsored projects, an appropriate Review and Approval Form (R&A Form) should be completed and submitted to SPA as early in the project process as possible, but in no event later than ten (10) days prior to the sponsor deadline.

The Principal Investigator (PI) must sign the R&A Form, accepting responsibility for the scientific conduct of the project and for providing the required reporting and management of the award. Additional departmental business officials must sign to certify the PI’s eligibility, agree to provide departmental support, verify the proposal meets the sponsor requirements, and ensure the research project has been administratively and financially reviewed.

All letters-of-intent, pre-proposal submissions, and contracts and agreements that require the signature of an authorized official or other institutional approvals must be submitted to SPA for review and approval prior to submission to an external sponsor.