Office of Sponsored Projects

Pre-Award Requirements

Guarantee Accounts

The PI is responsible for requesting a guarantee account, if necessary. The director of management operations (DMO) or other departmental authorized representative must approve this pre-established account. Departments should be cognizant of the need for guarantee accounts, which minimizes cost transfers.

Small Business Subcontracting Plan

When applicable and required by the sponsor’s requirements, the PI should work with Procurement Services to develop a Small Business Contracting Plan. Generally, SBCPs are required for all federal contracts over $650,000.


Negotiations with Sponsor

Formal negotiations with sponsors concerning agreement terms and conditions are conducted by OSP staff. Departments are responsible for negotiating budgets and payment terms for contracts. All submissions of revised budgets and revised work scopes, as well as other information requested by the sponsor, must be coordinated with and submitted by OSP to the sponsor. 


Acceptance of Award

Award documents take many forms depending upon the type of sponsor and project. All award documentation must be reviewed by OSP and, when necessary, signed by an authorized institutional official.

Upon receipt of fully executed award documents or other proof of award, and after receipt of all other required documentation, OSP will submit the award to Post Award Finance for set-up of the account. Once the account is established, the PI, DMO, and other appropriate personnel will be notified by email.