Office of Sponsored Projects

Investigator Eligibility, Rights, and Responsibilities

Definition of Principal Investigator & Co-Principal Investigator

A Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for the overall conduct of a sponsored project, including all technical, programmatic, financial, compliance, and administrative aspects, and for the management and integrity of the design, conduct, and reporting of the sponsored project. The PI is responsible for controlling the technical direction and academic quality of the project, and is responsible for ensuring that a sponsored project is carried out in compliance with the terms, conditions, and policies of the sponsor and UTHealth.

A Co-Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator (Co-PI/Co-I) is key personnel with responsibilities similar to that of a PI. While the PI has ultimate responsibility for the conduct of a research project, the Co-PI/Co-I is also obligated to ensure the project is conducted in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and institutional policies governing the conduct of sponsored research (HOOP 168).