Office of Sponsored Projects


Forms must be downloaded in order to save them. To do so, right-click the link, click "Save Target As...", then choose the destination on your computer.

Internal Review & Approval Forms - R&A forms are internal forms required for all sponsored research projects (exclusive of continuations/progress reports). R&As must be submitted to SPA for all grant proposals and applications, and for all industry-sponsored projects.

Clinical Trials Checklist - A quick guide of the procedures for establishing a new clinical trial through SPA. 

Checklist to Expedite Device Study Review - A form requested by Memorial Hermann Healthcare System to expedite the review of Device Studies to be conducted at MHHS. This form should be completed and submitted to MHHS as soon as possible.

Budget Templates

Set-up Budget Worksheet and Directions - Effective 12/1/11, this worksheet is required for all non-cash basis award set-ups, including cost reimbursable, fee-for-service, and milestone payment accounts.

Simple Detailed Budget and Directions - This budget tool is designed to assist in the development of internal budgets for proposals. Use this template for standard proposals.

Complex Detailed Budget and Directions - This budget tool is designed to assist in the development of internal budgets for proposals. Use this template for large proposals with numerous personnel and expense lines, such as program projects.

Clinical Trials Budget Tool - This template helps in the development of a clinical trial budget. It contains internal price lists and formulas for effort calculations. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY.

Cost Sharing Request Template - This template can be used to determine standardized cost sharing amounts for such requests. Using this template helps ensure appropriate cost sharing documentation requirements are met, making it easier for the institution to account for, monitor, track, and report cost sharing as required.

Indirect Cost Waiver Template - This template details the information needed in order to request and justify an indirect cost waiver.

Percent Effort Conversion Table

Effort to Person Months Conversion Chart

Proposed Unobligated Balance Worksheet - This worksheet is used to assist with determining the unobligated balance for a NIH non-competing continuation application/progress report.

Conflicts of Interest Forms


As detailed in Dr. Stancel’s memo, DHHS recently issued new regulations and UT System has issued UTS175 related to conflicts of interest in research for which PHS funding is sought. Accordingly, UTHealth has modified its HOOP policy, effective 8/23/12.  This new policy: 

  • Applies to all research, regardless of funding source.
  • Requires that any employee responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research be considered a “Covered Individual” (CI) and comply with the policy and its requirements. 
  • Requires CIs to submit an Annual Financial Disclosure (AFD) statement.
  • Applies to subcontracts from UTHealth and subcontracts to UTHealth.

If any CI, including a subrecipient's CI, has not completed an RCOI form AND an AFD, OSP will not submit the application or sign the contract. Refer to this summary for details of the policy change.

FDP List of Agencies using the PHS FCOI Regulations

Research Conflict of Interest Form - RCOI forms are required for all Covered Individuals, defined by the PI as personnel responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of the proposed research.  (for more information, refer to the Office of Academics & Research Affairs).

Annual Financial Disclosure Statement - Must be submitted by all University employees involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of any research.

Subrecipient Conflict of Interest Form - Required from all subcontractors at time of application. CITI RCOI Education (Log-in Instructions) is a resource for subcontracts that do not have their own COI policy and elects to comply with UTHealth's Policy. 

NIH Forms

NIH Forms and Applications - A list of all forms necessary for NIH submissions.

Sample Resubmission Letter - An example of a resubmission letter to NIH.

PHS Face Page - (rev 06/09) Use this form only with paper submissions using the PHS 398. This fillable PDF will cause an error in the electronic submission of an SF424 (R&R) application.

PHS 398 Checklist - A checklist used for paper submissions.