Change in Student Health Insurance: NEW! Academic HealthPlans with Blue Cros Blue Shield

Published June 25, 2012

For the upcoming 2012-2013 academic year, UT System is switching to a new student insurance plan.  Academic HealthPlans, underwritten by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (AHP/BCBSTX), will be the new carrier of student health insurance for all UT components.

While gearing up for this new plan, Auxiliary Enterprises is also introducing a change to the student registration procedure at UTHealth.  Effective this fall, students will not be able to register for classes until they have completed the health insurance certification process through their myUTH account. 

While many aspects of the new student health plan will indeed be new (a new company, and network, a different website and administrative procedures), students will enjoy the same level of benefits as last year:

  • There will be no increase in premiums (annual coverage is still priced at $1204 per student)
  • The annual deductible remains $300
  • Prescription co-pays remain at $10 for generic, $15 for brand name. 
  • The plan will still pay 80% of allowable expenses in-network, and 60% out-of-network.

In addition, students will enjoy a number of enhancements due to the new Affordable Care Act.  Previous caps on many benefits have been removed and preventive health services received in-network will be covered at 100% (rather than 80%).

For more information, see the AHP/BCBSTX website at Additional materials are currently under development and will be posted as they are available. 

For details on premium rates for students, their spouses and children, and how to complete the health certification process before registering for classes, please see the Auxiliary Enterprises website

For any questions, please contact Auxiliary Enterprises at or 713-500-8400.