UTHealth Student Success Program

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Office of Cultural and Institutional Diversity (OCID) Student Success Program helps UTHealth advisors or mentors identify their advisees’ specific risks and target interventions to reduce underrepresented minority student (URMS) and non-underrepresented minority student (non-URMS) attrition. Objectives are to:

  • Early identify students at risk for Adverse Academic Status Events (AASEs).
  • Diagnose specific risks to academic performance.
  • Reduce risks, identified by the OCID-developed, diagnostic and prescriptive Personal Background and Preparation Survey (PBPS) via targeted interventions.
  • Avert AASE and improve student success, retention and health workforce diversity.

Student Success Program Activities include:

  • Individualized PBPS Student & Advisor Reports
  • Faculty Guide for Student Resources & Services
  • Targeted Intervention Workshops
  • Faculty Training Sessions
  • Monitored Student Referrals
  • Documentation via Student Success Program Log

Targeted Intervention Workshops include:

  • Study Skills
  • Accent Coaching
  • Presentation Skills
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Technical Writing

Student Success Program implementation has been followed by substantial and statistically significant reductions in URMS and non-URMS adverse academic status events and attrition for UTHealth and other healthcare professional and graduate education programs.


For additional information please contact: 

Debra D. Samuels 
Asst. to Dr. Ronald Johnson 
Administrative Coordinator 
Office of Cultural and Institutional Diversity 
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston 
7000 Fannin, St., Suite 1690 
Houston, TX 77030 
713.500-3455 - office