Integrating Health Promotion and Informatics: Developing Interactive Health Information Systems Tailored To Healthcare Consumers' Needs

Author: Rita Torkzadeh, MS

Primary Advisor: Craig W. Johnson, PhD

Committee Members: Kathy A. Johnson, PhD; Jiajie Zhang, PhD

Masters thesis, The University of Texas School of Health Information Sciences at Houston.

The healthcare environment in the U.S. is changing. This change will be primarily manifested as improvements in healthcare information systems, and the interdisciplinary teams creating such systems will require input of health informatics professionals. Embracing this challenge requires recognition of the need to focus on healthcare consumers, and the nurturing of synergistic alliances with relevant stakeholders. While the traditional focus of health informatics has been on provider-oriented systems, the current healthcare market points to innovative consumer-driven approaches reflective of the shift to a patient-centered model of care. Information and communication technologies can enable the process, but health informatics professionals are critical in helping harness the technology's potential to deliver effective health-promoting services that meet consumer needs. Successful innovations delivered through networked systems yielding better health outcomes and cost-savings promise to have a far-reaching impact on the state of national healthcare.