HIT 5327 Standards and Standards Development in Applied Health Informatics

Credit Hours: (2 hours lecture/3 hours lab per week) 3 semester credits

Unlike much of the world, healthcare standards are frequently developed by private organizations rather than the government. The Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) create an alphabet soup of organizations that are often not well known to people within healthcare, let alone those just entering healthcare. This course will explore the history of a variety of SDOs, examining their membership and focus domain. Students will examine the role of the major SDOs and their impact on the structure and function of healthcare delivery in the US. The relationship between US and International Standards Organizations will be reviewed.


Access to the Internet, personal computer and consent of the instructor.

Additional Information

The Professional Applied Masters Program in Health Informatics course work is not transferable to the Master of Science in Health Informatics or the Doctor of Philosophy in Health Informatics.

Course Goals

By the end of the topic, the student should be able to:

  • Describe three different ways standards in healthcare are developed in the US
  • Contrast US healthcare standards development with other countries
  • Discuss the relationships among standards development organizations
  • Discuss the application of standards to clinical healthcare
  • Critique the application of standards to EHRs 
  • Define an Electronic Health Record
  • Discuss issues of standards and interoperability for EHRs