HIT 5326 Assessments in Applied Health Informatics

Credit Hours: (2 hours lecture/3 hours lab per week) 3 semester credits

Students in this course will learn how to identify and assess different aspects of healthcare systems and healthcare workflow. The addition of a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) is very disruptive to the workflow and organization of a primary care provider. It is known that EHR decreases the throughput of a primary care clinic. However, if properly designed, an EHR can improve the quality of the healthcare delivered and satisfaction of the clinicians and patients. Students will learn the skills needed to Asses and help improve workflow and the quality of healthcare delivery.


Access to the Internet, personal computer and consent of the instructor.

Additional Information

The Professional Applied Masters Program in Health Informatics course work is not transferable to the Master of Science in Health Informatics or the Doctor of Philosophy in Health Informatics.

Course Goals

At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:2

  • Select and adapt Assessment HIT Instruments from the Published Literature
  • Assess Reliability & Validity of Existing HIT Instruments
  • Create workflow diagrams using Software
  • Pilot HIT Assessments in Clinical Areas