HIT 5323 Evaluation of Health Information Systems in Applied Health Informatics

Credit Hours: (2 hours lecture/3 hours lab per week) 3 semester credits


This multi-disciplinary course will focus on the process of evaluating and choosing a health information system. The course will assist the student in identifying the critical needs that the health information system is intended to address. Different methods of evaluation will be presented and discussed in terms of how they would apply to health information systems. The evaluation process will begin with identifying the needs of the organization, and presenting them in an organized manner so the vendors can address the needs followed by mechanisms for evaluation.


Access to the Internet, personal computer and consent of the instructor.

Additional Information

The Professional Applied Masters Program in Health Informatics course work is not transferable to the Master of Science in Health Informatics or the Doctor of Philosophy in Health Informatics. 

3 Semester Credits/meets part of the research informatics component.