HIT 5300 Introduction to Health Informatics

Credit Hours: (2 hours lecture/3 hours lab per week) 3 semester credits

This course will focus on the design, implementation, and components of Health Care Information Systems. The course will include a history of health care Information Systems. The student will examine the changing uses and expectations of health care Information Systems and the expected usage of Health Care Information Systems at each level of development. The course will explore new options in technology and design, which will allow for the clinically driven Information Systems of the future. The needs of multiple clinical disciplines will be explored to understand how they can share and communicate patient information using Information Systems.


Access to the Internet, personal computer and consent of the instructor.

Additional Information

The Professional Applied Masters Program in Health Informatics course work is not transferable to the Master of Science in Health Informatics or the Doctor of Philosophy in Health Informatics.  

3 Semester Credits/meets the requirement for the Applied Masters of Science in Health Informatics.

Course Goals

Upon successfully finishing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Discuss the discipline of informatics in health care delivery, informatics standards, terminology and reference terminology.
  • Describe healthcare applications of information technology, focusing on hardware, software and conceptual models of information including data types and data models.
  • Identify the use of information systems and technology to support and improve patient care and healthcare systems.
  • Describe the multiple uses of data collected in Electronic Health Records