HI 6324 Cognitive Computational Neuroscience

Course Type: Advanced
Credit Hours: 3

This course introduces the ideas and methods used in simulating cognitive and perceptual processes using computational models based on the neural networks of the brain. In other words, this course teaches cognitive neuroscience (understanding how the brain gives rise to thought) using computer models as a tool. These models provide a computational bridge between behavioral and biological levels of analysis. A range of cognitive phenomena, including perception, attention, memory, priming, language, and higher-level cognition ("executive" control, planning, etc) will be examined. Students are required to develop a non-trivial computational model of a cognitive process they select.


Access to the Internet, personal computer, consent of instructor.

Additional Information

Course Objectives

  • Understand the domain of computational cognitive neuroscience
  • Gain hands-on experience through developing biologically realistic computational models of cognition