HI 6313 Scientific Writing in Healthcare

Course Type: Research
Credit Hours: 3

This course provides the advanced skills necessary to write a full range of scientific manuscripts in the health information and biomedical sciences. It begins with a review of what science is and how it is performed (philosophical aspects), the various types of scientific research and scientific manuscripts (including review, applied, and research articles). The course then examines each component of a scientific manuscript in detail, including the title, author list, abstract, introduction, literature review, method, discussion, conclusion, and appendices. The course covers the purpose of each of these components, discusses properties that distinguish
good components from not, and presents techniques for producing high quality scientific writing. Students will apply these techniques by examining selected published papers, producing their own scientific writing, and critiquing the writing of others in the class. Students are expected to enter the class with a draft scientific paper that they have written and a high degree of general writing skill.


High degree of general writing skill in English. Student-written draft of a scientific paper. Permission of instructor.

Additional Information

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the types of scientific manuscripts and how to select a type of manuscript for a particular scientific project.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of each component of the major types of scientific manuscripts.
  • Can write a high quality scientific manuscript on a student-selected topic.