HI 6301 Health Data Display

Course Type: Advanced
Credit Hours: 3

This course will examine the evaluation and design of information displays for healthcare. The course will focus on three areas: (1) theories and methodologies for the evaluation of information displays, (2) techniques and tools for generating effective information displays through visualization, (3) how the formats of information displays affect decision making in healthcare.


Consent of instructor, high-speed internet access, personal computer.

Additional Information

Course Objectives

  • Understand the phenomena and issues of user interface design
  • Learn to conduct human-centered system design
  • Learn to conduct usability testing of user interfaces
  • Learn the methodology of task analysis and representational analysis
  • Learn the power of external representations
  • Learn the principles of information visualization
  • Gain application experience through a term project:
  • Prepare a poster presentation and a web-ready final report for the term project.