HI 6300 Advanced Health Information Systems

Course Type: Advanced
Credit Hours: 3

The course will provide an applied approach to understanding the role of open source technology in health information exchange and quality management. You will be participating in the pilot HIE project called HealthQuilt and its clinical partner, Your Doctor Program, L.P. A prototype technology has been developed to share information among a network of doctors for their patients and to collect outcomes of care on every encounter.


Graduate status, basic understanding of the health care system, consent of the instructor, access to Internet. Each student must have their own computer for class.

Additional Information

Course Objectives

  • Develop skills to be used in clinical information system project implementations.
  • Learn principles of project management as it relates to course project.
  • Understand current policy issues related to health information technology implementation at the local, state, and federal level.
  • Participate in establishing local, state, and federal communication mechanisms for "Communities of Interest" for Regional Extension Centers.
  • Participate in Gulf Coast Regional Extension Center and Texas Regional Extension Center communication development.