HI 5380 Principles and Foundation of Public Health Informatics

Course Type: Basic
Credit Hours: 3

This course will introduce foundation knowledge of Public Health Informatics. In this course students will explore how  information sciences, and  computer sciences can be applied to enhance public health practice, research and education.  Content will include current standards, databases, networks, information systems and technologies applied to public health. In addition, this course will cover national and regional initiative and legal aspect of public health informatics. Students will gain hands-on experience by involvement in team projects. The projects will  explore a specific problem domain seeking to  critically analyze and propose practical solutions. (I would get the methods out of the descriptions)


None. Prefer HI 5310 Foundations of Health Information Sciences I, or knowledge or experience of healthcare systems and services or equivalent.

Additional Information

Course Goals

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Define Major domains in Public Health Informatics.
  • Understand the core informatics components of planning, analyzing, evaluating managing, and implementing public health information system projects for various health organizations health data definitions and standards.
  • Discuss the functions and operations of information technologies that have significant application to public health practice (such as geographic information systems and the web-based information dissemination) in daily public health practice.
  • Specify the requirements for the development and adaptation of information systems to address informational needs and requirements of a real world public health setting.
  • Demonstrate ability to describe the structure and utility of the data standards, methods and technology resources within major public health domain.
  • Develop basic technical skills for information technology planning and procurement related to public health information systems.