HI 5313 Introduction to Electronic Health Records

Course Type: basic
Credit Hours: 3

This course is designed to provide informatics students with an overview of the key concepts regarding implementation of a clinically-oriented information system (e.g., an electronic medical record, computer-based provider order entry, nursing 5.    

The course will strive to present “best practices” in cases in which there is evidence to support such assertions.  It will rely heavily upon the published literature as well as the experiences of the instructors.

Course Objectives:
After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Create an implementation plan for a clinically-oriented information system within a healthcare organization
  • Think critically about at least three issues involved in implementation and argue (orally and in writing) their position
  • Critically review articles relating to clinical information systems
  • Create an article and publish on ClinfoWiki.org
  • Compare and contrast computer-based provider order entry systems
  • Evaluate and make decisions about clinical applications presentations documentation system, etc.).  As such we will aim to focus roughly equal amounts of time on the technical and social/political issues surrounding these systems and their implementation.


Method of Instruction: The course will be taught as a series of lectures, delivered as voice-over-PowerPoint via the internet. There will also be a copious selection of pertinent literature available to the student to read. There will be short quizzes on the reading and lecture material each week. In addition, there will be several written homework assignments that are designed to get students to think critically about the material, form an opinion, and defend their position. As a final project students will be required to take one or more of the key concepts from the course and present a fleshed out plan for either their institution or one that is made up. These final presentations will be delivered orally either in-person or via the internet as voice-over-PowerPoint.

Student Evaluation:

Quizzes – 25% Homework – 25% Class Participation – via the Internet – 10% Final Project – 40%

Grades given are A, B, C, F, or I. Incompletes are given only when situations

outside of the student’s control occur. They must be completed by the end of

the next semester.


HI 5310 Foundations I or equivalent.  Basic knowledge of PowerPoint, wikis, discussion groups.  Consent of instructor.