HI 5309 Introduction to Health Data and Electronic Health Records

Course Type: Basic
Credit Hours: 3

This course will focus on Health Information and Electronic Health Records. Health Information is collected and entered by a wide variety of professionals and in some cases by the patient or client. This information is captured in a variety of formats, from pre-structured lists to narrative paragraphs. The data is used in a variety of different ways by a wide variety of users. In many cases the person who enters the data is the prime user of the data. In other cases one person enters the data, which in tern is used by others, e.g. the clinician may enter a diagnosis which is then interpreted by a coder for use in billing.

Different elements of health data have different legal status. These differences are observed within a country and are more evident when comparing the legal status across countries.

This course will examine how health data are collected, how they are used and the impact of electronic records on the health data. The course will review standards, and standards development, languages used, and issues related to information processing I healthcare. The course will review the impact of electronic records on health and healthcare including, legal, financial and clinical design issues


Access to the Internet, personal computer, consent of instructor.

Additional Information

Course Goals

By the end of the topic, the student should be able to:

  • Define an Electronic Health Record.
  • Compare an Electronic Health Record to a paper based record system.
  • Define the key components of an Electronic Health Record System.
  • Understand the socio-technical impact of an Electronic Health Record System.
  • Describe the issues involved in the implementation of an Electronic Health Record System.
  • Discuss how to evaluate an Electronic Health Record System.