HI 5308 Introduction to Object-Oriented Systems Development in Health Informatics

Course Type: basic
Credit Hours: 3

This course enables students to develop competencies in the object-oriented approach to the design and development of computer applications in health informatics. Students will have the opportunity to apply object-oriented methods in the design, development, production and evaluation of health informatics systems applications. Students will develop object-oriented design documents and complete a course project involving development and production of a prototype computer-based health informatics application.


Access to the Internet, personal computer, consent of instructor.

Additional Information

Course Objectives

  • Design, development and production, using object-oriented methodology, of a prototype health-information/instruction mini application, applet, or Web application.
  • Working knowledge and hands-on proficiency with the Java 2 Platform, an object-oriented higher level environment, particularly appropriate for the networked, heterogeneous, "Weblications" environment.
  • Awareness of, and ability to use, efficient object-oriented analysis, design and development procedures.
  • Facilitate effective communication between health informatics professionals and programming, subject matter, or domain specialists.
  • Provide students with the resources to gain further experience, confidence and competence with related issues.