HI 5302 Cognitive Science in Health Informatics

Course Type: Basic
Credit Hours: 3

This course is an introduction to cognitive science--the interdisciplinary study of mind and behavior from an information processing perspective--and its application to health informatics. The course begins with a basic introduction to human cognition and information processing (both symbolic and connectionist). It then presents a broad survey of the health informatics areas to which cognitive science has been applied. These areas include health problem solving and education, decision support systems, user-centered interfaces, and the design and use of controlled medical terminologies.


Consent of the instructor, high-speed Internet, personal computer.

Additional Information

Course Goals

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Compare the major approaches to the study of mind and behavior.
  • Understand current theories of human cognition.
  • Compare different experimental techniques for studying human cognition.
  • Understand how cognitive theories are used to produce cognitive tools, decision-support tools, tutoring systems, and to improve education.
  • Analyze devices from a human factors perspective so as to identify good and bad user interfaces.
  • Use a variety of computational mechanisms to express and implement information processing theories.