HI 5006 Information Technology for Biomedicine

Course Type: Basic
Credit Hours: 3

This course assists the student in the area of technical writing, the development of 
scholarly and academic writing abilities. Each student will complete the process of 
generating a written document from topic selection through outlining, drafting, and 
revising. Writing in the field of Biomedical Informatics will be addressed and the genre 
of written discourse in informatics will be explored by the student. The elements of the 
recursive writing process and a review of the technical aspects of writing will also be 
considered. Critical reading, thinking and writing will be emphasized in the course. 
Weekly assignments require writing throughout the course.  A course writing project is 
required such as developing a manuscript for review, submission and possible 

This course is intended to provide an overview of principles and concepts of information technology with a focus on biomedical applications. The first portion of the course will be an introduction to computing hardware and software including architecture, distributed and parallel computing, operating systems, database concepts, data communications & networking. The rest of the course will focus on applications of IT in biomedicine such as electronic health records, biomedical imaging, and bioinformatics.


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Additional Information

Course Goals

At the end of the course students will have developed a comprehensive in-depth understanding of the way that computing hardware and software are structured and how they function. In addition, students will gain an appreciation of the increasing role of computing in biomedicine by studying several applications.