Faculty Award

Students select the faculty member who should receive the award.

John P. McGovern Outstanding Teacher Award

The John P. McGovern Outstanding Teacher Award is presented to the educator who not only provides students with vital & timely instruction, but also contributes to the student's ability to think independently. The recipient must cultivate the students' confidence in the roles for which they are being educated while stimulating their further quest for knowledge and continued professional development.

The award is presented each year to one educator from each of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston's schools. Dr. McGovern, founder of the McGovern Allergy Clinic and a faculty member of several institutions within the university, has endowed the annual award to foster excellence in teaching. The students in each school nominate candidates from their faculty. The Student Governance Organization facilitates the election process.

Previous recipients

 Award Criteria

  • Knowledge of subject and competency in area of expertise
  • Interest/enthusiasm in teaching
  • Interest in and understanding of students
  • Responsiveness to student questions and encouragement of independent thinking
  • Accessibility to students

 Award Process

  1. During the first week of February, an email will be sent to each student in the school requesting all students to write a letter of nomination for the teacher who best fulfills the above criteria.
  2. Nominations are due to the Office of Academic Affairs by March 8.
  3. The SGO representatives and the Office of Academic Affairs will arrange for the top three nominees to be interviewed by the current SGO representatives by April 1.
  4. The SGO panel will interview the top three nominees in turn. The group will ask each nominee the same list of questions that were decided upon for the current year. Individual follow-up questions for clarification will be allowed. Questions should be such that they will portray the candidate's strengths and weaknesses as pertained to the award criteria. All interviews will be done on the same day. Faculty unable to keep their appointment will forfeit their interview and not be considered for the award. Members of SGO panel vote by ballot to determine the winner.
  5. The award will be made by formal presentation at graduation exercises by one of the SGO representatives.