HI 7301 Grant Writing

(2 hours lecture/ 3 hours laboratory/ week lecture/ demonstration/ discussion)

3 semester credit hours /meets part of research informatics component

Required for doctoral students 

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor 

Students will develop skills in planning, developing, writing and submitting grant proposals. The focus will be on NIH style grants, but students will also be exposed to grant making processes of other government agencies and private organizations. The focus of the course will be the development of a model proposal which may be used for the funding of dissertation work or to support the continuation of dissertation work in a post-dissertation award. Course topics will include identifying grant opportunities, identify prospective grant funders, composing specific aims, writing sections on background and significance, describing the research plan, addressing human subjects issues, preparing timelines and budgets, and submitting pre-proposals and final applications. Students will also learn how to prepare scientific paper presentations and scientific posters as byproducts of the grant writing process. Students are expected to enter the class with a scientific project completed or underway that can be used as the subject of a grant proposal, good basic knowledge of English grammar and syntax, and a high degree of general writing skill.