HI 6313 Scientific Writing in Healthcare

(2 hours lecture/ 3 hours laboratory/ week lecture/ demonstration/ discussion)

3 semester credit hours/meets part of research informatics component 

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor

This course assists students in developing skills necessary to plan and compose scientific papers and oral presentations. The focus will be on peer-reviewed journal articles, but students will also be exposed to other forms of written and oral scientific presentation. Students will write a research paper for submission to a peer-reviewed journal and they will participate in peer review exercises. They will also prepare a scientific abstract for publication, a poster for presentation at a scientific meeting, and a written presentation for delivery at a scientific meeting. Instruction will be provided on organization, style and content. The course examines each component of a scientific manuscript in detail, including the title, author list, abstract, introduction, literature review, method, discussion, conclusion, and appendices. The course covers the purpose of each of these components, discusses properties that distinguish good components from not so good, and presents techniques for producing high quality scientific writing. Students are expected to enter the class with a draft scientific paper that they have written, good basic knowledge of English grammar and syntax, and a high degree of general writing skill.