HI 6000 Practicum in Health Informatics

(Variable hours/week)

1-6 semester credit hours 

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor 

Practicum is the course Masters students at SBMI use to complete the thesis/state-of-the-science requirement. During the practicum, each student will select an area of interest in which to apply the knowledge and skill gained during the didactic courses. Students will become active participants in the work of developing informatics-based applications. Each student will develop a specific set of goals to be accomplished. The student’s advising committee and practicum supervisor must accept these goals. These goals will reflect the student’s area of interest and the needs of the organization. This course is graded on a pass/fail basis and is repeated for a maximum of six semester credit hours to meet degree requirements. An approved practicum proposal, which outlines the goals and expectations, is required and due to the Office of Academic Affairs in the third week of the semester when the practicum is first registered.