HI 5311 Foundations of Health Information Sciences II

(2 hours lecture/3 hours laboratory/week lecture/ demonstration/discussion)

3 semester credit hours/meets part of foundations component 

Prerequisites: HI 5310 or consent of instructor 

This course follows Foundation of Health Information Sciences I as the second in a series of two “core” biomedical informatics courses. In contrast to Foundations I, this course is intended for students who will focus their career on some aspect of biomedical informatics or related disciplines. The course concerns ways in which information is processed by humans and machines, with an emphasis on the modeling of biomedical data using geometric, probabilistic and other approaches. Lecture material is combined with laboratory assignments that, whenever possible, leverage systems and/or datasets that are both publicly available and practically significant (e.g., PubMed, publicly available biomedical datasets). Thus, the course will help students develop practical skills.