HI 5303 Decision Making in Health Care

Course Type: Basic
Credit Hours: 3

This course will survey the methods of decision-making as applied to health care situations. The course will focus on the major theories of decision-making. In addition to the theories, techniques for the application of the theories will be presented. Decision-making will be discussed in terms of data, which is necessary for informed decision-making and the types of data structures necessary. The relationship between decision-making and the development of Health Care Information Systems will be investigated. The course will investigate some of the legal and ethical aspects of decision-making, related to the decision making by health professionals and the decision making of clients.


Consent of the instructor, high-speed Internet access, personal computer.

Additional Information

Course Goals

By the end of the semester, students will be able to understand basic concepts of following topics and ready for further study in depth.

  • Basics of various decision theories
    • Information and decision making
    • Uncertainty and probability
    • Bayesian theorem
    • Game Theory
    • Analytical hierarchical process (AHP)
  • Medical decision making
    • Choosing best treatment
    • Valuing outcomes
    • Interpreting diagnostic information
    • Deciding when to test
    • Finding summarizing the evidence
    • Allocate constraint resources
    • Decision analysis and technology assessment
  • Advanced topics for medical decision making

    • Risk analysis
    • Operations research (OR)
    • Ethics and law in medical decision making
    • Social vs. individual decision making