ONC Award Stipend for Applied Health Informatics Certificate

This is a workforce development program offering tuition assistance of up to $10,000 by The United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of The National Coordinator. The funding will pay the tuition and required fees for the 15 graduate semester credit hours of the certificate.

  • In order to receive the funding, students must take three courses in the spring of 2013 and two courses in the summer of 2013.

The intention of this program is to increase the HIT workforce by bringing newly qualified people into the field. ONC has specified several criteria students must meet to receive tuition assistance. Please note that we also welcome applicants who are not eligible for tuition assistance.


  • I am a US citizen or permanent resident
  • I have a bachelor's degree or higher degree in (a) a clinical health profession, or public health or (b) science, technology, engineering, or mathematics
  • I have not enrolled in another recent health IT training program (since 12/17/09)
  • I have not received any prior ONC-funded Health IT training
  • I am not currently or previously a member of the health IT workforce
  • I do not have a degree in health IT
  • I am not delinquent in the re-payment of federal debt
  • I intend to complete the 15-credit certificate program within 1 year
  • I intend to pursue a career in health IT

For more information regarding eligibility please visit the ONC website.

Students must apply and be admitted into the Applied Health Informatics Certificate program before they can apply for the ONC tuition subsidy.