Plotter Calculator

UTHealth SBMI Plotter Printing Cost Calculator

Ink coverage classes Paper Type
Text & Image 42" Heavyweight
Image 42" Semi-gloss
Printing dimensions:
Width (inches) Height (inches)

Note: In the above calculator, the width and height should be the poster dimensions. The poster height is the length of the paper used.

Paper options and ink coverage classes

  • Paper Options
    Heavyweight - 32 lb high quality coated paper
    Semi-Gloss - high quality semi-glossy paper
  • Ink Coverage Classes
    Class I - mix of images & text - most of posters are in class II (an equal mix of image and text).
    Class II - mostly image

Cost calculation

Content Type
(per sq ft)

Paper Type
(per ft)
Class I - Text & Image
42" Heavyweight
Class II - image $3.45
42" Semi-gloss

Cost = [content type * (width * height)] + [paper type * height]
Locate the unit price in the price table by paper type and class level.