Master of Science in Health Informatics at a Distance Curriculum

List of courses to meet the degree requirements in the masters program at a distance in Health Informatics.

The curriculum below is effective for all Masters students beginning study in Fall Semester 2007. The curriculum was designed to improve the quality of your educational experience by providing additional background skills and knowledge that are fundamental to the ability to study informatics, and by providing foundational courses that provide a core set of informatics skills and knowledge. The curriculum allows flexibility in course selection. Prefoundational courses may count as support courses with your advisor's approval.


Research Informatics Advanced Informatics Other Requirements
HI 5004 Intro to Clinical Healthcare

HI 5003 Molecules to Man in HI

HI 5007 Data Structures and Algorithms in Biomedicine

HI 5006 Information Technology for Biomedicine

HI 5000 Technical Writing for Health Informatics
HI 5310 Foundations of Health Information Sciences I

HI 5311 Foundations of Health Information Sciences II
HI 5309 Introduction to Health Data and Electronic Health Records

HI 5303 Decision Making in Healthcare

HI 5307 Systems Analysis for Health Informatics

HI 5313 Intro to the Electronic Health Record

HI 5314 Technology Assessment in Healthcare

HI 5315 Quality and Outcome Improvement in Healthcare

HI 5380 Principles and Foundation of Public Health Informatics

HI 5381 Methods in Public Health Informatics

HI 5382 Synthesis Project of Public Health Informatics

HI 5351 Research and Evaluation in Health Informatics

HI 5352 Statistical Solutions for Health Informatics Problems

HI 5304 Advanced Database Concepts

HI 6301 Health Data Display 

HI 6303 Intro to Telehealth

HI 6306 Information/ Knowledge Representation

HI 6309 Healthcare Interface Design

HI 6312 Project Management in Healthcare


Support Courses (6 hrs.)

HI 6000 Practicum (6 hours)
3 to 6 hours
6 hours
6 hours
 6 hours
6 to 9 hours
 12 hours

Students have to pass each course with a grade of A or B. If more than 2 grades of C, F or WF are earned including concurrent/interinstitutional enrollment the result will be automatic dismissal.

Successful completion of the program consists of coursework and a publication quality paper.

Students who wish to transfer to the doctoral program must first seek admission to the program. Students must seek approval from your advising committee. Students must have earned a grade of A or B to be eligible to transfer the course.