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School of Dentistry - Parking FAQ

1. When can I start parking at the UT Research Park Complex (RPC) contract parking lot?

  • Contract parking begins May 18
  • Visitor or guest parking is currently available at the following rate:

-        0-1 Hour $4.00

-        1 Hour-1 Hour 20 minutes $5.00

-        1 Hour 20 minutes – 1 Hour 40 minutes $6.00

-        1 Hour 40 minutes – 2 Hours $7.00

-        2 Hours – 2 Hours 20 minutes $8.00

-        2 Hours 20 minutes – 2 Hours 40 minutes $9.00

-        2 Hours 40 minutes – 24 Hours $10.00

-        Lost ticket $10.00

-        Daily Max $10.00

-        No in and out Privileges


2. How many parking spaces are in the RPC lot?

  • There are 565 parking spaces in the surface lot to accommodate contract and visitor parking.

3. What do I do if I have a current parking contract with TMC on UT payroll deduction?

  • YOU MUST CANCEL IT - you can begin now thru April 6 notifying the parking coordinator in the Dean’s Office to cancel your contract with TMC - make sure you specify what date you want as your last day of parking at the TMC location.   (Reminder:  May 1-15 contract amount will be deducted in April 16 paycheck and any dates from May 16-31 will be deducted from the May 1 paycheck).  TMC pro-rates by number of days, so you will be charged until cancellation is processed in TMC CPA by your parking coordinator.  (i.e. if you only need May 16-17 since RPC contract access begins May 18, the charge for these 2 days will be deducted from the May 1 paycheck).
  • Notify the parking coordinator by or before APRIL 6, 2012 in order that your contract will be terminated in the TMC CPA automated system on the date you specify.  This will handle the cancellation for parking contract and current payroll deduction.  Any TMC contract not cancelled will continue to be charged and deducted from your paycheck and the employee will be responsible for any charges and no refunds will be processed.

4. How do I register for UT payroll deduction parking at the RPC lot?

  • UT Parking staff will be on site two days (dates to be determined) at the current Dental School to handle registration in person.   In preparation for this, you need to complete a UT Contract Parking Application and a Parking Authorization for Payroll Deduction form; both are located on the parking web site.  Print and bring these signed forms with you to the on-site registration days at which time only the $10 activation fee will be collected.  Bring your UT ID and make payment by exact cash or check, but preferably by check.
  • Or you can print the forms and bring to any of the UT Auxiliary Enterprises parking offices and present your UT ID badge and make payment by cash, check or credit card.
  • The DEADLINE DATE for any parking contract and payroll deductions for RPC to be effective for June, forms must be submitted to the Parking Office by APRIL 15.  You can start submitting these now, but the monthly deduction will only be effective starting for June parking.  (Deductions are taken two weeks in advance so the first half of June payment will be deducted in May 16 paycheck and second half of June will be deducted in June 1 paycheck).  UT Auxiliary Enterprises will provide grace period of May 18-31 for any existing and new SOD employee who plans to park at RPC, but you must have completed registration forms on file for this to be applicable.  It is the responsibility of the parker to review his/her paystub to make sure the deductions are properly being made.

5. Who can be payroll deducted?

  • Employee must be in a benefits-eligible position (working at least 20 hours per week and in their position for longer than 4 ½ months) and cannot be a return to work retiree.

6. Who do I contact if I have questions on my payroll deduction for parking contract?

  • Contact the Parking Office to verify rate and contact Employee Benefits at 713-500-3856 or 713-500-3854 if a problem.

7. What is the rate for contract parking at RPC?

  • $95 month or $90 month if by payroll deduction
  • Contracts are available for employees, residents and preceptors.
  • Student contract parking is $40 month at the South Campus lot across from the Recreation Center. ONLY STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED TO PARK IN SOUTH CAMPUS LOT.

8. What if I want to pay for parking but do not want to register for payroll deduction at the RPC lot?

  • Complete a UT Contract Parking Application located on the parking web site, then print and bring the signed form to any of the UT Auxiliary Enterprises parking offices.  Present your UT ID badge and make payment by cash, check or credit card.  There will be a $10 activation fee plus payment for monthly parking.
  • You can start registering now but will need to make payment for June parking at time of registration.  UT Auxiliary Enterprises will provide grace period of May 18-31 for any existing and new SOD employee who plans to park at RPC, but you must have a completed registration form and make payment for June at time of registration for this to apply.
  • Payments are due in the parking office on the 6th of each month.  A $10 late fee per card will be assessed after the 6th

10. Where are the UT Parking Offices located?

  • University Center Tower (UCT)
    7000 Fannin
    Houston, TX  77030
  • University Professional Building Garage (UTPB-G)
    6414 Fannin, Suite G-25
    Houston, TX  77030

11. What are the pro-rating policies?

  • UT pro-rates by the day.  Holidays and weekends are not excluded. 

12. What to do if going on extended leave or need to place my parking on hold?

  • Only applicable for any continuous 15-day period.  You need to complete the Extended Leave form located on the parking website and email or fax it to the parking office at least 2 days prior to your absence.  You will also need to complete the refund request form.  See the form for more details or call the parking office. 

13. How to request a refund?

  • Call the parking office to see if applicable.  If so, complete and submit Refund Form located on the website.  The refund can either add to your paycheck or process refund check to be mailed.

14. Can my parking be terminated if I do not follow parking policies and procedures?

  • Yes.  Parking services reserves the right to terminate parking permanently if someone chooses to not follow rules and regulations.

15. Is there a card activation fee?

  • Yes, the cost is $10 for initial activation.

16. If I lose my original access card do I have to pay for a replacement?

  • Normally for those who are issued an actual parking card there is a $10 fee.  However, since SOD faculty and staff will use their UT ID badge for parking access, you will need to go to the Bursar’s Office to get a UT ID replacement which will cost $10.  Parking will not assess and additional activation fee but you need to notify the Parking Office of your new UT ID number to update your file for your parking access to work.
  • If a non-UT ID, there is a $10 card activation fee.

17. Will I get my $10 card activation refunded when I cancel my parking?

  • No, this is non-refundable activation fee. 

18. Do I need to use my card at both the entrance and the exit?

  • Yes, you must use your parking card every time you enter and exit.  If not used in sequence, the parking card will fail to work.

19. My access card is not working, what should I do?

  • If you are at the exit, press the button and you will be assisted by a parking attendant.  If you are at the entrance, pull a ticket and call or go to the Parking Office immediately.  If you are at and entrance without a ticket machine, press the “help” button. 

20. What should I do if I forgot my access card at home?  (For RPC access card is UT ID badge)

  • Pull a ticket to enter or press the “help” button if you are at an entry without a ticket machine.  Once you have parked, you must call or go the Parking Office immediately.  You will be given instructions by an attendant on what to do next.  The Parking Office is closed at night and weekends.  During these times you will be required to press the “help” button which can be found at all entries and exits.  

21. I forgot my access card and I failed to call or go to the Parking Office before going to the exit gate, will I have to pay for parking?

  • Yes, you will be required to pay for the ticket you took when you entered.

22. If my card isn’t working, will I be able to get out without paying?

  • Not necessarily.  This is handled on a case-by-case basis. 

23. Can I lend my access card to other people?

  • No, please do not do this.  In addition to being in violation of UTHealth policy, if you lend your access card to other people there is a possibility that they could use it out of sequence, thus making it invalid and not work properly.  If your card does not work, you might be required to pay for daily parking.

24.   What type of changes do I need to notify the parking office?

  • Changes to personal information such as contact phone number, email, vehicle license plate vehicle make and model, as well as any lost card, replacement UT ID, temporary leave and or employment termination.

25. Who to contact if have any questions?

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