The Department of NanoMedicine and BioMedical Engineering

Nano Chemistry Service Center

The Nano Chemistry Service Center provides custom synthesis, labeling, and chemical coupling of DNA thioaptamers and nanoparticles. The Director and Lab Manager are both Ph.D. chemists with years of experience in DNA synthesis, especially the more difficult monothioated and dithioated DNA. In addition, they have conjugated numerous dyes, chelators, chemical linkers, and DNA spacers onto DNA. They have conjugated such DNA aptamers to liposomes, gold nanoparticles and mesoporous silicon particles for multi-stage vectors.


For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact:

  • Dr. David Volk, Director
    (713) 500-2232
  • Dr. Varatharasa Thiviyanathan, Manager
    (713) 500-7558
  • Scott Riley, Business Mgr.
    (713) 500-3672



    NBME – Nano Chemistry Service Center



    DNA Synthesis and Purification



    Monothioate Aptamer Synthesis

    $             300

    $        500

    FPLC Aptamer Synthesis

    $             250

    $        250

    5'-DNA Dyes and Linkers (per batch)



    5'-Cy3 or 5'-Cy5 Labels

    $             495

    $        577

    5'-Carboxy or Amino Linkers

    $             195

    $        390

    5'-Chelator Labeling

    $             300

    $        400

    5'-NIRdye800 Labeling

    $          1,200

    $     1,200

    3'-DNA Dyes and Linkers (per oligonucleotide)



    Class-I 3'-Dyes and 3'-Linkers

    $               75

    $        110

    Class-II Specialty Dyes and Quenchers

    $           1,200

    $     1,400

    Specialty Services and Chemistry



    Chemical Conjugation Service (hourly)

    $              80

    $        110

    X-Aptamer Synthesis*

    $          2,000

    $     2,000

    Dithioate Aptamer Synthesis*

    $          2,000

    $     2,000

    Aptamer Selection Service*

    $        15,000

    $   20,000

    Nanoparticle Zeta Potential

    $              75

    $       125

    Nanoparticle Production*

    $            500

    $       750

    *Estimated cost, fee determined by project details





    UTHealth provides a variety of service centers and core facilities to provide expert guidance and services to the UTHealth and wider Texas Medical Center community.




    Atomic Force Microscopy Core

    AFM and fluorescence imaging of tissue. Contact Dr. Ana-Maria Zaske for more information.

    Bioinformatics Service Center

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    Flow Cytometry

    Flow Cytometry detection and separation with detection of up to eight colors simultaneously. Contact Director Eva Sevick or Manager Dr. Amy Hazen for more information.

    Histopathology Service Center

    Histopathology Services and Dissections. Contact Director Eva Sevick or Manager Sarah Amra for more information.

    Microscopy Service Center

    Fluorescence and confocal microscopy and image analysis services. Contact Director Dr. Eva Zsigmond or Manager Dr. Zhengmei (Mei) Mao for more information.

    Molecular Diagnostics

    Molecular diagnostic testing in a CLIA certified laboratory. MS-based clinical metabolites and Vitamin D, and discovery phase studies. Contact Director Dr. Kevin Rosenblatt for more information.

    Nano Chemistry Service Center

    Aptamer development, synthesis, labeling, and conjugation. Particle characterization. Contact Director Dr. David Volk or Manager Dr. Varatharsa Thiviyanathan for more information.

    Clinical and Translational Proteomics

    Mass spectroscopy and affinity based proteomics services suitable for discovery or clinical research. Contact Dr. Kevin Rosenblatt for more information.

    Transgenic Mice and Stem Cells

    Production of transgenic /knockout mice, cryopreservation, and stem cell services. Contact Director Dr. Eva Zsigmond or Manager Aleksey Domozhirov for more information.