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Precauciones contra el Ébola

Univision Houston Channel 45, 10/14/2014

In a public affairs program on Univision called Conexion Texas, Rodrigo Hasbun, M.D., commented on Ebola virus precautions.


What’s it like to be a smoker in Houston?

Houston Public Media's KUHF Radio, 10/14/2014

Rahat Hussain, M.D., talked about health risks associated with smoking for Houston Matters, the weekday talk show of Houston Public Media's KUHF Radio.


"Long life" protein Klotho powers remyelination in mice

Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Forum, 10/14/2014

Jerry Wolinsky, M.D., was included in this Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Forum story about klotho, a protein that may be linked to multiple sclerosis.


CDC changing Ebola procedures

Anderson Cooper 360, 10/14/2014

Joseph McCormick, M.D., was in New York doing interviews with CNN shows such as Anderson Cooper 360, New Day and CNN International. He spoke with Anderson Cooper about the CDC's changing Ebola protocol.


Fitness: Fountain of youth for bone & joint health

RadioMD, 10/14/2014

John Higgins, M.D., addressed fitness as a health topic on a medical program on RadioMD hosted by Melanie Cole.


Ebola virus: Texas health worker tests positive, CDC confirms

Wall Street Journal, 10/13/2014

Joseph McCormick, M.D., spoke with a reporter for the Wall Street Journal about training health care workers to use personal protective equipment.


CDC rethinking methods to stop spread of Ebola

New York Times, 10/13/2014

Joseph McCormick, M.D., was interviewed by the New York Times about case tracking and protective gear in regards to Ebola.


Frequently unanswered questions about Ebola

Houston Chronicle, 10/13/2014

Joseph McCormick, M.D., and Susan Fisher-Hoch, M.D., are prominently featured in this Houston Chronicle Prognosis article about Ebola.


Flu season

KPRC-TV Channel 2, 10/12/2014

John Higgins, M.D., was in the KPRC-TV Channel 2 studios to discuss the importance of flu vaccination.


Understanding Ebola

KTRK-TV Channel 13, 10/12/2014

Carlos Roldan, M.D., was in the KTRK-TV Channel 13 studios this weekend to discuss Ebola.


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