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Dallas ISD focuses on improving pre-K program

Dallas Morning News, 10/03/2014

The Children's Learning Institute's program for pre-school education was cited in a Dallas Morning News Park News/North Dallas story.


¿Cuánto vive el Ébola fuera del cuerpo?

Univision Salud, 10/03/2014

Luis Ostrosky, M.D., answered questions about the Ebola virus in this interview with Univision Salud reporter Paula Andalo.


Ebola in Dallas: EHR partly to blame

MedPage Today, 10/03/2014

Dean Sittig, Ph.D., was quoted in MedPage Today's story about how an electronic health record at a Dallas hospital may have impacted decision making in the case of the Ebola patient.


Ebola: Why this outbreak is unlike any other of this disease

KTRK-TV Channel 13, 10/03/2014

Joseph McCormick, M.D., and Susan Fisher-Hoch, M.D., spoke with KTRK-TV Channel 13 reporter Jeff Ehling about the their experiences investigating Ebola in the 1970s.


Ebola case blood test delay may have violated federal guidelines

Dallas Morning News, 10/03/2014

Joseph McCormick, M.D., is quoted in a Dallas Morning News story took a look at the hospital that erroneously discharged the Ebola patient.


Questions regarding pandemic preparedness

KTRH Radio, 10/02/2014

Robert Emery, Dr.PH., was quoted on the KTRH Radio website about Ebola and the emergency preparedness process.


Texas officials monitoring up to 100 people for Ebola

National Public Radio, 10/02/2014

Joseph McCormick, M.D., was interviewed for a NPR Here and Now segment about how public health officials assess and respond to Ebola and other potential health threats.


Is Texas prepared for a public health emergency?

Texas Tribune, 10/02/2014

Joseph McCormick, M.D., and Catherine Troisi, Ph.D., are quoted in this Texas Tribune article about whether Texas is prepared for public health emergencies.


Is the worry over Ebola in Texas justified?

Fox 26 News, 10/02/2014

Philip Johnson, M.D., appeared on FOX 26 News to discuss the Ebola virus.


Ebola case in Dallas signals health system lapse

Los Angeles Times, 10/01/2014

Joseph McCormick, M.D., was interviewed by a reporter for the Los Angeles Times about the tracing process during infectious disease outbreaks.


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