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Nurses’ work environments: what a difference a decade makes, or does it?

AMN Healthcare, 04/04/2014

The Institute of Medicine called for transforming the nursing work environment to keep patients safe in 2004. Just how much better is the workplace today? UTHealth's Dr. Patricia L. Starck discusses what progress has been made in the last decade.


Defining HIV stigma

Huffington Post, 04/03/2014

Getting to the root of HIV stigma isn't easy. The various misguided beliefs, assumptions and character judgments that get in the way of HIV prevention is a complex and enigmatic problem that has plagued HIV advocates for decades. But there is one thing that we can all agree on: It is going to take open and honest discussions involving anyone that is affected by this dismal virus. UTHealth post-doctoral researcher Dennis Li is featured in this docu-series about HIV stigma.


Hot topics: Alzheimer's

MedPage Today, 04/03/2014

What are some of the initial triggers for Alzheimer's? UTHealth's Dr. Paul Schulz discusses the topic.


What went wrong?

HealthLeader, 04/03/2014

In this week's HealthLeader, Drs. Vicky Woodruff and Richard Andrassy provide important information about the prevention of surgical complications. 


Texas Medical Center legacy makers featuring Dr. Red Duke

Houston Lifestyles & Homes, 04/02/2014

Houston Lifestyles & Homes published a feature story about George Hermann and UTHealth's Dr. Red Duke.


Alzheimer's disease hits women harder

Fox 26 News, 04/01/2014

UTHealth's Dr. Paul Schulz discusses the risk factors for Alzheimer's disease and why women may be more susceptible. 


Marriage good for the heart

KTRH radio, 04/01/2014

A recent study of 3.5 million adults showed those who were married had less heart disease and healthier blood vessels than people who were single, divorced or widowed. UTHealth cardiologist John Higgins says marriage allows you to tackle stress like money or children together, thus lowering stress on the heart.


What Can We Do About Junk Science?

Popular Mechanics, 04/01/2014

UTHealth's Dr. Robert "Safety Bob" Emery is the lead expert in this magazine article about junk science. Emery debunks research linking 14,000 American deaths to fallout from Japan's Fukushima nuclear accident. The story is published in the April issue of Popular Mechanics.


Heart rate monitoring helps improve workouts

FOX 26 News, 03/31/2014

UTHealth's Dr. John Higgins recommends that exercisers monitor their heart rate to achieve their fitness goals.


No hay pretexto para el exito

Semana News, 03/30/2014

UTHealth medical student Wendy Alcanter discusses various achievements prior to her next adventure as an emergency medicine resident.


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