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For now, e-cigs not part of city's smoking ordinance

Houston Chronicle, 08/08/2014

UTHealth's Ronald J. Peters, Dr.P.H., spoke with the city reporter for the Houston Chronicle about the public health effects of e-cigarettes.


Doctors: we're eating too much sugar

KTRH Radio, 08/07/2014

UTHealth Drs. Amitava Dasgupta and Deeps Vasudevan are quoted in this KTRH Radio story about sugar's impact on health. 


Elevating trauma care

TMC Pulse, 08/06/2014

UTHealth's Dr. James H. "Red" Duke, Jr. and Dr. John Holcomb are included in this TMC Pulse story about Life Flight at Memorial Hermann.


Researchers closer to test for human form of "mad cow" disease

US News & World Report, 08/06/2014

UTHealth's Dr. Claudio Soto has discovered an infectious prion protein in the urine of patients with variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. His research is highlighted in this story by US News & World Report.


Partial knee replacement more popular now

KTRH Radio, 08/02/2014

When former President George W. Bush needed knee surgery, he opted for a partial replacement rather than a total replacement. UTHealth orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Stefan Kreuzer discusses both procedures in this story on KTRH Radio.


No más niños muertos por el calor

Semana News, 08/01/2014

In the latest issue of Semana News, UTHealth emergency medicine specialist Dr. Carlos Roldan discussed what parents need to do to make sure children are never left alone in a car.


Houston health care facilities prepare for patients with infectious diseases

KPRC-TV Channel 2, 08/01/2014

Health care facilities in Houston said now is the time to prepare to care for patients with infectious diseases like the Ebola virus. Dr. Luis Ostrosky and Dr. Robert Emery from UTHealth demonstrate how health care workers would protect themselves if they care for Ebola patients.


Faces of public health: Dr. Bill Kohl

New Public Health, 08/01/2014

Harold W. Kohl, PhD, a professor epidemiology at the UTHealth School of Public Health, is in the midst of a three-year appointment to the President's Council of Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (PCFSN) Science Board. Kohl has been researching effective use of social networking to create healthy lifestyles among youth. 


County health system selects new CEO

Houston Chronicle, 07/31/2014

UTHealth's Dr. Carmel Dyer is quoted in this Houston Chronicle story about George Masi being named CEO of Harris Health System.


Helping the homeless quit smoking

New Public Health, 07/30/2014

In this New Public Health blog post, UTHealth Drs. Michael Businelle and Darla Kendzor discuss their work to help the homeless quit smoking.


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