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C-sections: Does your hospital perform too many?

KHOU-TV Channel 11, 09/18/2014

UTHealth maternal-fetal specialist Sean Blackwell, M.D., was included in a KHOU-TV Channel 11 story about the rise in C-sections in the past 50 years.


M├ędicos de UTHealth en Houston contra las enfermedades degenerativas

Semana News, 09/18/2014

The Semana News newspaper ran a cover story on Hispanics in the sciences featuring interviews with researcher Rodrigo Morales, Ph.D., and two students at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences - Veronica Garcia and Angie Torres-Adorno.


Germophobia: How afraid should you really be of germs in everyday life?

Houston Public Media's KUHF Radio, 09/17/2014

UTHealth's Luis Ostrosky, M.D., commented on the fear of germs -  germaphobia - on the live weekday talk show Houston Matters on Houston Public Media's KUHF Radio.


Low vision

HealthLEADER, 09/17/2014

In the most recent HealthLEADER, Bhavani Iyer, O.D., talks about options for people who have low vision that cannot be corrected through standard means.


Painkiller deaths are on the rise

NewsFix Channel 39, 09/17/2014

UTHealth's Amitava Dasgupta, Ph.D., commented on painkiller abuse in this NewsFix Channel 39 story.


Iconic surgeon 'touched' that school bears his name

Houston Chronicle, 09/16/2014

The Houston Chronicle Pearland edition included a feature story on UTHealth's James H. "Red" Duke, Jr., M.D., and the elementary school named after him.


Drugs that work for alcohol addiction treatment

EverydayHealth.com, 09/16/2014

UTHealth addiction expert Michael Weaver, M.D., was included in a story on EverydayHealth.com about medications for alcohol addiction treatment.


Long day's journey in flight

Departures, 09/16/2014

UTHealth researcher Michael Smolensky, Ph.D., was quoted in this Departures magazine story about jet lag.


Early prevention could help stave off the flu, doctor says

News 92 FM, 09/16/2014

UTHealth immunologist Dat Tran, M.D., said it is never too early to get the flu shot in this interview with News 92 FM reporter Alicia Alaniz.


Pets increase quality of life for Alzheimer's patients

Houston Chronicle, 09/16/2014

UTHealth's Mara M. Baun, Ph.D., is mentioned in this Houston Chronicle story about the impact of pet therapy on Alzheimer's patients.


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