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Outbreak 101

HealthLEADER, 09/25/2014

While the Ebola virus is grabbing all the headlines, respiratory viruses such as influenza are much more likely to cause a pandemic. UTHealth's Joseph McCormick, M.D., and Catherine Troisi, Ph.D., are featured in this week's HealthLEADER.


Female powerhouses in medicine and science spotlighted at Health Museum gala

CultureMap, 09/24/2014

Giuseppe Colasurdo, M.D., and Margaret McNeese, M.D., were included in this CultureMap Houston story about the Health Museum's the Health Museum's Hearts of Gold Gala: Honoring Women in Health and Medicine Science.


A new song for Paul McCartney's war on meat

NewsFix Channel 39, 09/24/2014

UTHealth nutritionist Shreela Sharma, Ph.D., R.D., L.D., is quoted in this NewsFix Channel 39 report about the health benefits of participating in "Meat-free Mondays."


3 questions to ask before fibroid surgery

Health.com, 09/23/2014

In an article on the Health magazine website, Joseph A. Lucci III, M.D., commented on concerns about a medical instrument used to remove fibroids.


Vacuna contra la Influenza

Univision Houston Channel 45, 09/23/2014

UTHealth's Pedro Aquino, M.D., commented on the importance of flu vaccinations in this interview with Univision Houston Channel 45 news anchor Rebecca Suarez.


How do Houston doctors keep from burning out?

Houston Public Media's KUHF Radio, 09/22/2014

Eugene Boisaubin, M.D., did an interview on medical burnout on Houston Matters, the weekday talk show of Houston Public Media's KUHF Radio.


Hundreds of Texas newborns exposed to tuberculosis

KPRC-TV Channel 2, 09/22/2014

Robert Hunter, M.D., Ph.D., of UTHealth, spoke to a reporter from KPRC-TV Channel 2 about the importance of screening infants for tuberculosis.


Microbeads in toothpaste could be bad for you

NewsFix Channel 39, 09/21/2014

In this NewsFix Channel 39 story, Shawn Adibi, D.D.S., commented on the health effects of using toothpaste that contains polyethylene.


Heights resident to lead emergency nurse practitioner group

The Leader, 09/20/2014

The Leader's latest issue included a feature story on UTHealth's Elda Ramirez, Ph.D., R.N., and the newly created American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners. 


Artificial sweeteners may lead to diabetes

NewsFix Channel 39, 09/19/2014

Kelly Wirfel, M.D., commented on a suspected link between artificial sweeteners and Type 2 Diabetes in this NewsFix Channel 39 story.


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