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Doctors are expanding the notion of what constitutes a concussion

Houston Chronicle, 07/23/2014

UTHealth's Dr. Ian Butler is among the experts quoted in this Houston Chronicle story about concussions.


Changing focus

HealthLeader, 07/23/2014

In this week's HealthLeader, Dr. Deborah Pearson discusses ADHD in adults.


Schizophrenia has clear genetic ties, new study finds

USA Today, 07/22/2014

In this USA Today article about genetic ties to schizophrenia, UTHealth's Dr. Consuela Walss-Bass discussed risks associated with the disease.


Commercials for prescription drugs do work

KTRH Radio, 07/22/2014

UTHealth's Dr. Eugene Boisaubin was interviewed for this KTRH radio story about the advertisement of prescription drugs.


Caffeine kills

KROI Radio, 07/22/2014

An Ohio teenager died after consuming pure, powered caffeine he bought online, and now the FDA is warning people that too much caffeine can kill you. UTHealth's Dr. John Higgins agrees, and he’s particularly concerned about the powdered caffeine linked to this young man’s death.


Good idea: Power of parenting

Houston Chronicle, 07/21/2014

Dr. Susan Landry, professor of Pediatrics at UTHealth, developed a free online training course called PALS to help close the so-called "30 million word gap," the language deficit that separates children from impoverished backgrounds from their wealthier counterparts.


The night shift

KUHF's Houston Matters, 07/18/2014

Houston Public Media did a radio segment on night shift workers featuring an interview with UTHealth emergency medicine specialist Dr. Nathan Hoot.


What to look for in a fitness app

US News & World Report, 07/18/2014

Apps come in all shapes and sizes, says Dr. John Higgins, associate professor of cardiovascular medicine at UTHealth, and it’s important to find one tailored to your workout regimen.


Listen up

HealthLeader, 07/16/2014

Listen up! Although common, age-related hearing loss does not have to remain a burden. In this week's edition of HealthLEADER, UTHealth experts explain.


Can effects of sitting be erased with exercise?

Boston Globe, 07/15/2014

A spate of study findings have suggested that sitting for too long throughout the day can harm our health regardless of whether we exercise or eat well. But a new study from the UTHealth School of Public Health and the American Cancer Society suggests that bouts of exercise can counteract those health effects.


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