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Blood type diet

Fox 26 News, 07/14/2014

UTHealth weight loss expert Dr. Deborah Horn visited the Fox 26 studios to discuss the efficacy of a health fad called the "blood type" diet.


Negative attitude can cause a stroke

KTRH Radio, 07/14/2014

UTHealth's Dr. Jacqueline Phillips-Sabol says that negative emotions can affect cardiac function.


Movie plagues not entirely claptrap

MedPage Today, 07/13/2014

It's a recurring theme -- a plague threatens to kill us all and a few brave souls work tirelessly to prevent doom. Dr. Kevin Morano from UTHealth discusses whether this type of plague is possible in the real world.


Program to help curb dating violence

Indio Asian News Service, 07/11/2014

For teenagers who are victims of dating violence, a unique health education program, designed to delay sexual behaviour and promote healthy dating relationships, can significantly reduce the menace, according to new research from UTHealth.


Dental hygienists' role transforms to meet growing need

Houston Chronicle, 07/11/2014

Jayne McWherter, director of UTHealth's dental hygiene program, is quoted in this Houston Chronicle story about the transforming role of dental hygienists


Infertility: It's not just a woman's problem

KUHF's Houston Matters, 07/10/2014

Dr. Mazen Abdallah from UTHealth discusses the latest research and treatment associated with fertility on this episode of Houston Matters.


Obesity a big problem for US firefighters

CBS News, 07/10/2014

Obese and overweight firefighters are not receiving weight management advice from their health care providers. UTHealth's Dr. Sue Day discusses this new research in a story for CBS News.


Doctors aren't telling overweight firefighters to lose weight, study says

Los Angeles Times, 07/10/2014

Researchers from UTHealth said cardiovascular events, often related to diet and weight, are the leading cause of firefighters' deaths in the line of duty.


Fomenta el hábito de la lectura

Univision Houston Channel 45, 07/09/2014

Dr. Maria Carlo from UTHealth discusses the importance of early reading programs in this live interview with Univision Houston news anchor Rebecca Suarez.


New test developed for Alzheimer's

KTRH Radio, 07/09/2014

Scientists say they are using a blood test to find out it a patient is likely to develop Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Claudio Soto from UTHealth says this test could be very beneficial.


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