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Current Students
Here is a list of the current students within the HMG program. Their email addresses are accessible by clicking on their names.

Katelyn Weymouth

Katelyn Weymouth (6th Year)

Advisor: Jacqueline Hecht, Ph.D.

Jorge Del-Aguila

Jorge Del-Aguila (6th Year)

Advisor: Eric Boerwinkle Ph.D.

Jacqueline Bui

Jacqueline Bui (6th Year)

Advisor: Brian Davis, Ph.D.

Heather Highland

Heather Highland (6th Year)

Advisor: Craig Hanis, Ph.D.

Tamara Laskowski

Tamara Laskowski (6th Year)

Advisor: Brian Davis, Ph.D.

Selina Vattathil

Selina Vattathil (5th Year)

Advisor: Paul Scheet, Ph.D.

Jennifer Churchill

Jennifer Churchill (4th Year)

Advisor: Stephen Daiger, Ph.D.

Jacquelyn Reuther

Jacquelyn Reuther (4th Year)

Advisor: Ann Killary, Ph.D.

Alex Li

Alex Li (3rd Year)

Advisor: Eric Boerwinkle, Ph.D.

Justin Wong

Justin Wong (3rd Year)

Advisor: Ralf Krahe, Ph.D.

Gita Dangol

Gita Dangol (2nd Year)

Advisor: Eric Boerwinkle, Ph.D.