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Faculty and Research Interests



Aldape, Ken

Oncogenes in the behavior of cancer; Primary brain tumors

Arur, Swathi

Germline development and Morphogenesis of oogenesis; RAS/ERK signaling pathways governing germ cell development; C. elegans genetics

Baggerly, Keith

Proteomics; Microarrays; Gene Expression Analyses 

Boerwinkle, Eric

Human genetics; Genotype by environment interaction; Epidemiology; Heart disease; Lipid metabolism; Apolipoprotein genes; DNA variation 

Cote, Gilbert

Program Director 2008-2010

RNA processing, RNA splicing and cancer; Familial endocrine neoplasia

Daiger, Stephen

Human population and molecular genetics; Retinitis pigmentosa; Mutation detection;

Functional studies of genes and proteins causing inherited retinal diseases

Davis, Brian

Gene editing of stem cells; Stem cell biology; Gene therapy; Hematopoietic stem cells; Somatic reversion; Molecular genetics

de Crombrugghe, Benoit

Cell differentiation; Transcription factors; Chondrocytes; Osteoblasts 

Fornage, Myriam

Genetics of cardiovascular disease; Stroke; Gene expression; Gene-environment interaction 

Frazier, Marsha

Genetics of colorectal cancer; Modifier genes; Environmental factors; Hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC) Peutz-Jeghers syndrome 

Fu, Yun-Xin

Molecular evolution; Population genetics; Bioinformatics; Computational genomics 

Hamilton,  Stanley

Molecular genetics and genomics of gastrointestinal neoplasia; Identification of molecular markers for application in screening, surveillance, diagnosis, prognosis, prediction of response and resistance to therapy, and therapeutic targets

Hanis, Craig

Quantitative genetics; Genetics of common chronic disease; Genetic epidemiology; Diabetes among Mexican-Americans; Genome-wide approaches to identifying disease genes

Hecht, Jacqueline

Medical genetics; Chondrocyte biology; Nonsyndromic cleft lip and palate; Nonsyndromic clubfoot

Hixson, James

Program Director 2006-2008

Molecular genetics; Genetics of common disease; Gene structure and expression in atherosclerosis 

Huff, Vicki

Human genetics; Cancer genetics; Familial cancer predisposition; Kidney development 

Killary, Ann

Program Director 199-1998

Program Co-Director 2012

Tumor suppressor genes; Breast and pancreatic cancer; Cancer genetics; Biomarker Discovery for the Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer

Krahe, Ralf

Human and molecular genetics; Cancer genetics; Neurogenetics; Genomics; Mouse Models

Legerski, Randy

Eukaryotic DNA repair; Cell cycle checkpoints; Carcinogenesis

Li, Lei

Genomic instability; DNA damage and replication checkpoint mechanisms; Mutagenesis; Mammalian DNA repair and recombination; Molecular genetics

Majumder, Sadhan

Adult and embryonic stem cells; Neural/glial tumors; Transcriptional regulation; Chromatin; Mouse models 

Matin, Angabin

Germ Cell tumors, genetics susceptibility; mouse models

Milewicz, Dianna

Genetics of vascular disease, aortic and cerebral aneurysms, proteomics

Mitchell, Laura

Genetic determinants of congenital malformations; Maternal genetic effects; gene-environment interactions; Statistical genetics

Morrison, Alanna

Human genetics; Genetic epidemiology; Cardiovascular disease; Statistical methodology

Nagarajan, Lalitha

Genetic regulation; Chromosomal alterations; Malignant Transformation; Hematopoietic stem cell ; Mouse Models 

Northrup, Hope

Medical genetics; Molecular genetics of human disease; Tuberous sclerosis; Spina bifida

Rodin, Andrei

Genetic epidemiology; Computational biology; Bioinformatics; Data mining; Artificial intelligence; Machine learning; Molecular evolution; Phylogenetics

Scheet, Paul

Statistical genetics; Human population genetics; Genetics of common diseases; Haplotype inference/modeling

Sen, Subrata

Program Director 2012-Present

Genetic regulation of mitosis and chromosomal instability in cancer; Development of early detection genomic biomarkers of cancer

Shete, Sanjay

Head and neck cancer epidemiology; Gene-gene and gene-environment interactions; Genomic imprinting; Genetic epidemiology of familial glioma; Haplotype reconstruction and analysis methods; Epidemiological methods; Genetic segregation and linkage analysis; Genome-wide Association Studies

Singletary, Claire

Genetic Counseling; Inherited Genetic Disorders

Strong, Louise

Human cancer genetics; Genetic epidemiology

Swindell, Eric

Developmental biology and genetics; Zebrafish; Mouse; Developmental neuroscience

Travis, Elizabeth

Radiation-induced fibrosis; Genetic basis of tissue radiation sensitivity and fibrosis; Growth factors 

Wei, Qingyi

Biomarkers of cancer; DNA repair and apoptosis; Molecular epidemiology; Cancer prevention 

Xiong, Momiao

Bioinformatics; Statistical genetics; Mapping complex trait; Mapping QTL; Functional genomics; Human gene expression maps and gene expression databases; Genetic circuits 

Zhang, Li

Computational genome biology; Gene expression microarray data modeling; Networks of gene expression regulation

Zhang, Sheng

Mechanisms of neuronal degenerative disorders; Huntington’s disease (HD); Parkinson’s disease (PD); Intracellular handling of neurotransmitter dopamine; Regulation of the formation of intracellular protein aggregates